Foam Rolling: Prevention and Therapy

Whiplash can be very painful. And it can lead to difficulties down the road. If you currently have whiplash, visiting your doctor is the best way to stop the rehab process.

We know – we sound like a broken record. Go to your doctor, go to your doctor, go to your doctor! But this is, by far, the best treatment option. Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose whether or not you have whiplash and, if you do, provide you with options for curing your condition – not just masking the symptoms.

That being said, whiplash can be a hassle. So it’s important to know how you can prevent yourself from experiencing it in the future.

Although it’s impossible to protect yourself from all occurrences of whiplash (a car accident will always put unreasonable strain on your body), there are ways you can condition the body to be as resilient as possible.

One such way is through foam rolling. Foam rolling is a relatively new stretching technique which has proven very successful at removing muscle knots and relieving tension.

When muscles are tense, they are very prone to damage. When loose and relaxed, on the other hand, chances of damage are minimized. Tense muscles tear very easily. Relaxed muscles are much more resistant to damage.

With a foam roller, you can stretch and relieve muscles which can become very tense. As you can imagine, if you’ve suffered a neck injury from whiplash, tense muscles are your enemy. They can dramatically increase the amount of damage done, even after the accident has occurred.

If you’ve recently recovered from a whiplash injury, we recommend foam rolling for future prevention. However, if you’re currently recovering, we only recommend foam rolling if you’ve consulted your doctor first.

As mentioned in previous articles, stretching and massaging can be harmful if done incorrectly to damaged tissue.

Although foam rolling isn’t an “end all, be all” for muscle pain, it’s one of the best ways to loosen all the muscles in your body. With loose and relaxed muscles, you dramatically decrease the odds of future injury.

And it can be a fantastic way to rehab and relieve afflicted areas.